End of the Year Speech

Post date: Jun 13, 2017 6:54:35 PM

Here is my last goodbye to you for the summer, Kootenai Pirates.

I want to start by thanking a few groups of people:

Parents, I want to thank you for bringing your children to our school and trusting us with them everyday. Most of you did not have a choice, but I hope that if you did, you would have done it the same way. I especially want to thank you for raising such an amazing group of young people that sit among us today. Parents being involved in their own child’s life leads them to more opportunities for success; this group of Kootenai kids has shown so many positive qualities and we know this all starts at home.

Staff. This is not just about our classroom teachers that have taught these students, but it is about the collective effort of ALL of you. Everyone, from the librarian, parapros, custodians, cafeteria staff, secretaries, and teachers in the school believe in always doing what is best for the students. Your kindness and caring for students and taking the time to see the positive in each student as whole people and not as numbers on exams is the reason that we have seen these students blossom and continue to grow in so many ways. Thank you for always caring about our Kootenai kids.

Standing here today, I look back at where I was just 9 months ago. Starting in a brand new job with brand new kids that I had yet to get to know, I was scared and wanted to work so hard to support this school and make it even greater than it already was. To all of you-teachers, staff, parents and students-- you took ME under your wing as soon as I came here and ensured I was always taken care of, too. In my first year as a principal, I wanted to sit back and learn the environment of the school and I was so impressed with all that you did. As an educator first, we are suppose to be the ones that teach YOU, but in reality, you taught me just as much. You taught me that every single person in our school can be a leader. You never outright said this to me, but you never had to. You showed it in your actions everyday. These lessons you have taught me: being a leader, be willing to take risks, be kind, and be yourself, are lessons that I will continue to do my best to apply in my own career. Thank you for always greeting me with a smile, high five or hug. I am so thankful to get to be here each and every day AND I look forward to many, many more!

I am almost finished, I promise...but before you go... I want to make sure I say thank you for all that you have taught me in my first year of principal. If I can inspire others half as much as you have inspired me, I know I will have been successful.

Congratulations on your school year, be safe this summer, and GO PIRATES!

With Gratitude,

Mrs. Knowles