Free & Reduced Meals at Kootenai

Post date: Jan 08, 2018 6:30:16 PM

January 8, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Have you completed a Free or Reduced meal application this school year?

If yes, thank you! Our school district receives funding from a variety of federal grants based on the number of children in the district that QUALIFY for Free or Reduced priced meals, regardless if they choose to participate in the meal program.

Many federal grant awards are allocated nationally to public school districts based on Free and Reduced percentages. For Lake Pend Oreille School District, these include: Title 1-A (Reading and Math), Title 1-D (Neglected and Delinquent), Title VI-B (Preschool & Rural Education Achievement), Carl Perkins, Title II-A (Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting), Title III (Language Instruction), E-RATE (Schools and Libraries – telecommunications & internet) and a portion of Special Education funding. Based on current applications that qualify for Free or Reduced priced meals, this amounts to approximately $ 3.3 million for our district!

It is our hope that all children are encouraged to eat in the school cafeteria. Our district participates in the National School Lunch and National School Breakfast Programs. All meals served to children in our district’s cafeterias follow the “School Meals Initiative” by using Nutrient Standard Menu Planning. Meals are nutritionally analyzed to provide the nutrients required to sustain optimum health and growth for children.

If you have not already completed a Free and Reduced application, or if your income has decreased for any reason since you last applied or if you household size has increased, please take this opportunity to complete the attached application. All information is strictly confidential. Only one application is needed per household.

School breakfast and lunch menus are available at all school locations and on our web page at

If you have any questions about the Child Nutrition program, please contact me at 265-1569. It is our pleasure to serve you.


Bobbie Coleman

Child Nutrition Director

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.