Winter is Coming! Be safe on Icy Roads!

Post date: Nov 27, 2017 9:36:57 PM

Safe Routes to School - Winter Walking/Car Tip:

Cars can have difficulty stopping on icy roads and can slide into nearby pedestrians. During winter break, please take time to walk around Sandpoint or your neighborhood with your children and discuss winter car safety. Remind your children to stand five giant steps back from the road when waiting for the bus. Children should be reminded how to wait for a car to pass or to stop completely before they step into the roadway. While driving, you can help them understand that a car may not be able to stop on ice, even if the stoplight is red or there is a stop sign. If there is fresh snow on the roadway, there is still potential for ice below the snow. Take extra precautions to stay safe while you explore winter.

For more information and tips on Safe Routes to School (walking/biking to school) please visit under Parents & Students.